Delegation and You

As we start to talk about delegation, it sometimes becomes confusing. I look at my calendar and it is jammed. I want to get things off my plate. I don’t. I won’t.  I can’t. There was a Fast Company article discussing delegation and some steps to get there. Here’s my […]

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Team Performance and Clear Communication

Many times throughout the year we run into these ideas of planning and preparation and in some cases the wrap-up of the last quarter, and […]

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DISC Personality Profile model of human behavior

DISC Personality Type – Is yours helping or hindering?

Each and every day, wherever we go, we take our personalities with us and they keep showing up in lots of places. I had a […]

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difficult conversations

Difficult Conversations – How to Make Hard Decisions

I was reviewing some coaching notes and realized I’ve been working with one client for three or four sessions around one particular topic. It was […]

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Man working on puzzle, one red piece

Puzzled by Puzzles

Have you ever been puzzled by puzzles? Maybe it is time to shift your perspective. I have a piece of a puzzle that’s been driving […]

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Check Your Blind Spot!

Each of us has a ‘Power Profile’. Hidden within them are CLUES to what’s costing us better careers, relationships (and even marriages!) Find your blindspot to unlock your “sweet spot” —and watch the world around you rise to meet you!