DISC Personality Type – Is yours helping or hindering?

Each and every day, wherever we go, we take our personalities with us and they keep showing up in lots of places. I had a call with one of my business mentors, and we were going through a couple of things and I was a bit panicky and then realized that my DISC personality type was very much on display.

I’m not really detail-oriented unless I have to be. I realized that a text I had sent to him had typos in it, and I recognized this and told him. Why typos? Because I needed to do it quickly. Then I said to him, well, welcome to my D/I personality, and he laughed at me (or maybe it was with me) ….it was so true.

We were also working over some details as I conducted DISC certifications. He was making sure I had all the details right and he exposed yet another three or four things that I had on the list, but of course, had not taken care of.

Sometimes it’s great….

A couple of things I need to continue to realize for myself that sometimes my personality might not help me as much as it could, and I need to adapt to make sure I deal with some of the details. Other times, my personality is amazing and gives me the opportunity to be at the front of the room and be happy and upbeat and outgoing and all of those kinds of things. For my mentor, I tire him out because my energy is at that level and his is not the same.

I also tire him out because he has to continue to check up on details for me, and I appreciate that about him. You see our personalities go with us everywhere we go. We engage in restaurants with our personalities. I manage my teams with my personality. They interact with each other. I sell. I present. I even plan and set goals based on my personality. At the end of it, do I get to the same outcome? Possibly and the way I get there might be different.

In a coaching environment, my awareness of myself and how I engage with clients may need to be adapted. It drives how I look at the future and how I need to unlock my own potential. Working with an executive coach also comes down to my personality and then how I engage with myself or my team as I lead is also impacted by the personality that I have.

What is your DISC Personality?

There are lots of ways to engage with this information around DISC. You might get an assessment done for yourself or you may want to take it to your whole team, or you may just want to get certified yourself so that you can take it to people around you. I encourage you to go ahead and add your comments below and we’ll start a conversation about DISC, your personality, and how it shows up for you every day.

Know yourself, know others, be better together.

Me, You, We

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