Team Performance and Clear Communication

Many times throughout the year we run into these ideas of planning and preparation and in some cases the wrap-up of the last quarter, and we so desperately want our teams to be aligned, hit their goals, move forward, make money, make their bonus, and of course, have great results. We want great Team Performance.

Many of us end up in this coaching space asking,’ How do I get team performance? How do I get them to move forward as individuals or as a team?’ And communication becomes a big idea around that. One could leverage their DISC personality (I’m outgoing or reserved, or if I’m tasked or people-oriented) and that will dictate to me for the most part, how I prefer to communicate. The gap, of course, is that the people I’m talking to don’t necessarily want to be communicated the way I want to communicate to them, and how do I clean all of that up?

Well, of course, all I need to do is adapt and meet their needs where they are. And it’s on me to do that, not on them to make the shift.

How often do I adapt to other people and get better performance?

How many of us do that regularly? How many of us think about our audience and then communicate differently to them? In the coaching space, of course, we work through how to figure out who other people are and more importantly, what message we need to convey as we’re looking to get people to move forward. It’s not just straightforward. It is simple and not that difficult either if you’re paying attention. We tend to move quickly and we’re moving so fast, and we’ve got so many things going on, and our inboxes are full, and our calendars are full.

I talked to a gentleman and he shared his calendar with me. There were 27 invitations and or meetings to attend on that day he shared it with me.

Not going to do them all. How do you even prioritize?

Amid all that chaos, how does it even take time to figure out who to communicate to and how to communicate with them? So where do you want to be? What kind of coaching do you need to get there? What kind of, ‘Wow, I never thought of that before’ moments are in your future as we think about how to communicate, what to communicate, and how do I want to be in terms of communication?

I may also need to think about what do I want as an outcome from all of that? What’s my goal? And then how I communicate that to get there. A lot is going on in most of our lives most of the time, and how do I make the best of the efforts and times that I have available to me? How do I decide what to communicate to drive that team performance?

I’m going to leave a link here. Go and take a power profile and find out where you kind of fit in the DISC space, and then we can connect after that.

Know yourself, know others, be better together.

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